11: Are We Sure That's Not Us?

Yusufi Vali has been the Executive Director of the Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center since September 2012. Previously, he was a community organizer with the Greater Boston Interfaith Organization, a chapter of the Industrial Areas Foundation. He also worked as a field organizer on the Obama campaign in 2008. Yusufi is a graduate of Princeton University, a Marshall Scholar, and a Fulbright Scholar.

In this conversation, Yusufi and Rev. Brown cover many topics including:

  • Yusufi's experiences as a 1st generation immigrant in the mid-west (go Royals!)
  • Yusifi's remarkable experiences visiting Syria in the early 2000's
  • How Sept 11, 2001, as a freshman at Princeton, changed Yusufi's life and led to him re-focusing his life to community and service
  • How Donald Trump reflects on America and perhaps deeper societal trends
  • How people can learn more with and engage with the Boston Islamic community

Learn more about Yusufi at The Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center.

Follow him on Twitter: @YusufiVali

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