14: Citizen Cuddy

Amy and Jeff.jpg

In this podcast, Rev. Brown speaks with Amy Cuddy. Amy is perhaps best known for her amazing TED talk. With over 43 million views, it is one of the most popular TED talks. She also wrote the NYTimes Bestseller Presence - in which Rev. Brown was among her featured examples. 

In this wide ranging conversation, Amy Cuddy shares the story about how she came to deliver this TED talk, her experiences on the day of her talk - including some very unexpected conversations after her talk. She talks about the extraordinary response she's gotten - mostly, but not entirely, positive. 

Amy Cuddy and Rev. Brown have a very insightful discussion about the intense scrutiny and criticism she experienced related to some of the research referenced in her TED talk and book. She ends by talking about what she learned about people - the good and the bad and what she's working on now (hint: it's a very big idea).