8: Ed Davis - The Commissioner of Community Policing

Ed Davis and Jeffrey Brown

In this episode, Rev. Brown speaks with former Boston Police Commissioner, Ed Davis. They cover many topics, including:

  • The benefits of community policing
  • How police training and capabilities changed after September 11th
  • His experience leading law enforcement efforts after the Boston Marathon Bombing
  • His view of the future of policing, especially after the political events of 2016

Commissioner Davis was born into a police family in Lowell, MA. After college, he rose from the role of beat cop to Superintendent of Police of Lowell. While in that role, he was responsible for a quicker reduction in crime rate than any other city of the same size. He was Boston Police Commissioner from 2006 to 2013. 

Commissioner Davis is a well-known advocate for community policing. He brought this transformative approach to policing to Lowell and continued to embrace and expand it in Boston. 

Commissioner Davis led the law enforcement efforts after the Boston Marathon Bombing in 2012. His character is played by John Goodman in the Mark Wahlberg film Patriot's Day

Commissioner Davis is now CEO of Edward Davis LLC, an independent security solutions provider.