3: The Science of Reducing Violence

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It turns out that bringing peace to cities isn't actually rocket science. But, it's not easy either. It turns out that we know how to do it, but  sadly don't. Professor Abt discusses his groundbreaking research into what it takes to bring peace. He's not a typical researcher. His fieldwork involved doing night walks with Rev Brown and others in addition to spending time in many of the world's most dangerous cities to observe what does and doesn't work. He's published 2 articles this year on Vox.com that share his findings. In this conversation, he discusses what he's learned, why cities aren't implementing these proven approaches and what we can do to save or improve millions of lives. 

His two 2016 Vox articles are:

A researcher explains the sad truth: we know how to stop gun violence. But we don't do it.

The surge in violent crime is overblown — but here’s how to combat it