4:The Boston Gang Truce

In the mid 1990's, a group of clergy, police and probation officers brokered an unprecedented ceasefire between 2 Boston gangs. Nobody had ever done anything like this before. It took months of careful planning, negotiating and communications. The leaders of these efforts get together for the first time in at least a decade to discuss what they did, how it all came together and the challenges they've faced keeping the peace.

They talk about the little details - like providing the right food and venues. And, they talk about the extraordinary risks they faced, like clergy walking around at 2 am literally in the middle of a gang war to find and engage the gang leaders to bring them to the table and the political backlashes they faced once the truce was established.

In the end, they literally brought in the competing gang leaders from around the city voluntarily in vans driven by police officers to one of the most beautiful venues in Boston - The JFK Library - to negotiate a truce that ultimately led to what is now called The Boston Miracle - 29 consecutive months of zero youth-involved homicides.